DioTek Company Introduction

Warm & Smart Technology!

DIOTEK supplies the best human-computer interaction (HCI) solutions, such as handwriting, image, and speech recognition, through specialized research and development based on state-of-the-art deep learning technology. We’re preparing to take a leap in the global artificial intelligence technology market.
DIOTEK realizes happy and convenient lives to users through diverse digital devices that have become a crucial part of human life through warm, human-centered smart technology.

Emotion Technology

DIOTEK provides emotional interface technologies such as speech recognition software, handwriting recognition software, optical character recognition engine, and digital ink as well as diverse mobile software solutions that utilize these technologies. DIOTEK aims to develop products by understanding human needs because we consider human-centered value to be of utmost importance over technology. DIOTEK possesses diverse core technologies that provide highly evolved next generation interfaces through synergy effects between core technologies.

Smart Language Technology

DIOTEK’s smart language processing technology is represented through our electronic dictionary solution and automatic translation technology engine capable of supporting most languages used around the world. DIOTEK brings the world closer and makes life more exciting through two core technologies: a multilingual mobile dictionary software that combines multi-language processing technology, intelligent search engine, and global dictionary contents, and automatic translation technology, which is expected to change the shape of the future in the most dramatic way.

Mobile software and applications Company
  • A specialist HCI solutions company that provides the best speech, handwriting, image, and body recognition technology solutions, through the development of deep learning technology
  • A deep learning specialist group that contributes not only to product development, but also to the development of the future of recognition technology, through specialized research and development in the deep learning field that leads the way in artificial intelligence technology
  • DIOTEK’s mobile dictionary software is pre-installed in mobile and smart phones of global brands and supports convenient learning and communication to users worldwide.
  • DIOTEK’s multi-language handwriting recognition and OCR technologies are pre-installed in global manufacturers’ smartphones and is being met by users worldwide in Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and Asia.